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Life's too short to read anything else!


Jax is a charmer, but when a rock meets a hard-headed woman, someone's going to have to give... in.

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Ryder has a hero complex - but maybe he's the one that really needs saving?

NYT Bestselling Author

Larissa Ione

Her Wish is fun, charming, and OMG, why haven’t I been reading Genie romances before now? Sophie H. Morgan’s wit and imagination made me an instant fan. I want a Genie of my own!” 

NYT Bestselling Author Milly Taiden

His Command is... an epic romantic ride filled with magic and adventure.”

Library Journal

“Morgan’s debut takes a romance trope (plain Jane heroine/gorgeous rich hero), adds a dash of fantasy and a sprinkling of humor, and pulls the reader into the entertaining start of a new series (although it stands solidly on its own)” 
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